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New Sponsor!

We have another sponsor for our retreat in Seattle! We are happy to announce that Gina K. Designs will be sponsoring our retreat!

Check out Gina K. Designs here!:

Gina K Designs Logo


  1. What would be the most exciting for me if I attended would be meeting so many crafty friends in person and have some time to talk , learn and create . Sometimes this is really tough over to do the internet . Beth Duff, Alison Heikkila, Amanda Stevens, Rachel Winn are just a few of those people that is really be an amazing experience to meet , craft with , talk techniques - life and products plus experience all they are planning to offer at this unicorn retreat . It would be an honor and a priveledge . Plus maybe I could help with some posting .

  2. I have questions... Is there contact information? I want to join the retreat!!!! :)


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