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Beth Duff

I'm the designer behind The Snarky Stamper! I currently guest design on occasion and craft for myself. I'm also the brains behind our Unstoppable Retreat. I strongly believe that if not for my own doubts about my abilities, that I would have been crafting a lot sooner and longer. As an adult I love to make cards, work on mixed media projects, watercolor and have found a new hobby in handmade signs! I think the best part about crafting and doing art is embracing the mess and working through "failures" to find something beautiful!

Amanda Stevens

I’m the owner of Pear Blossom Press and I’m currently on several design teams. I’ve been a crafter and cardmaker for as long as I remember. As a kid, I’d draw scenes on folded pieces of notepaper and give them away. I went to my first Stampin’ Up party when I was 16 and I was hooked! (Rubber stamps really helped me improve my cardmaking game.) For almost 30 years, I’ve been learning and teaching others how to make cards too. I enjoy making my own backgrounds and creating cards with lots of layers. My favorite cards are interactive though!

Rachel Winn & Audra Bolster

Alison Heikkila

21st Century Pillowbook