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New Sponsor!

We have another sponsor for our retreat in Seattle! We are happy to announce that Taylored Expressions will be sponsoring our retreat!

Check out Taylored Expressions here!:

Update About 2019 Retreats

So those of you following my crafty progress may have been worried about whether or not we would be still doing these retreats and I am glad to say that we are going to be doing 1 retreat in 2019 in Seattle!

The cost of that retreat is going to be as follows:

Overnight Base Cost: $375
Food (we separated this in case of allergies): $65
Supplies (if you want them provided): $50

If you are local to the area or prefer to stay in a hotel you can purchase ala carte

All Classes: $150
Saturday only: $100
Food per day (it says meal but we meant day ;) ): $20
Supplies: $50

We only have room for about 20 attendees so make sure you purchase soon!

We do have a location set. It is a little outside of Seattle but we are going to make sure that there is transportation for those wanting to go into the city.

We are working on more sponsors and I have some big names ready to say yes!

We are going to finalize our schedule and announce classes soon! I am happy to say that we will be putting on 5 classes w…

New Sponsor!

We have a new sponsor of our retreats! We are super excited to announce that Catherine Pooler will be sponsoring our retreats in Seattle!!!

Please make sure to check out this awesome sponsor here:

About Unstoppable Retreats

Unstoppable Retreats was born when I (Beth) and some friends of mine got to chatting about how nice it would be to have small regional crafting events. I had recently attended a big conference and it was the best time of my life, and as a crafter on my own in Georgia, it was a first for me. I had never had other ladies to create with and I loved it! So we wanted to create an experience for therapy, laughs and fun all over! We wanted a hands on experience with other crafters along with time to create something with friends!

So we are not attempting to replace the big events in our lives, but rather add something on where once in a while we can see each other on a small and personal scale! Some of these events may be hosted by big name companies and others may not be, but I can promise a good time that you won't forget!